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Sanibel Beach Florida – More Than Shells And Sand

November 17th, 2022

While most vacationers are drawn to Sanibel Beach Florida for it’s famous shelling opportunities, there’s plenty more to see and do once you tear yourself away from the beach.

Start with the J.N. “Ding” Darling Wildlife Refuge, one of the premier refuges in the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s System. World famous for its winter migrating bird population, the Refuge welcomes visitors with an exciting Visitor’s Center. Here, you will find interactive exhibits that entertain and inform, a gallery of refuge photography, a short video explaining the origin of the Refuge and its importance in the area ecosystem and much more.

A 2.6 mile road winds through its acres of mangrove forests, and brackish impoundments where herons, egrets, ibises, sandpipers and many other birds feed and roost. The Refuge is home to more than 220 different species of birds. Drive your car, take the naturalist-operated tram, or bike through, making as many stops as you wish to enjoy the surprises this sanctuary offers.

And there’s more conservation land to be enjoyed. Inland, in the central part of the Sanibel Beach Florida, the Bailey Tract provides another birding opportunity. Here the water is all fresh, bordered by the Sanibel River on two sides and dotted with a series of small ponds. Armed with binoculars, you’ll spy ospery on their nests, red shouldered hawks, and sometimes an alligator or two, in addition to ducks and songbirds. You’ll walk through sawgrass meadows as tall as your shoulder and get a feel for what the Everglades were like – and can be again.